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Shenzhen yiroka doorbell manufacturer

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Battery-Free Programmable Wireless Doorbell


F-618 Programmable Wireless Doorbell 

Doorbell basic parameters:

Transmitter Size:85*38*21 mm

Receiver Size: 70*60*100 mm

Transmitter Working Voltage:≤ 12V

Transmitter Power Consumption :≤ 10mw

Receiver Working Voltage: AC110/220V 50-60Hz

Sound Volume Range: 25-75dB

Working Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz

Material :ABS 

Color: White/Black/Customized

Doorbell Features:

1. Self-powered doorbell ;                                                                           

2.Transmitter no need battery ; 

3.Receiver: With Plug 

4.Plug Options: USA/EU/UK/AU plug    

5.Learning - Code                                                            

6.25 melodies for Chosen ;                                                                             

7.4 Grade volume adjusting ;                                        

8.IP55 water proof ;  

9.Operating range: 300FT(150M) in open air.

10.LED Indicator

11.Simple installation 

12.Receiver plug into a regular socket

Learning Code Function Instruction:

Doorbell is well-paired & ready for using .To replace or add a new transmitter / receiver,please follow steps below:

A. Erasing the program memory :

1.Plug the receiver into the power socket and turn on power

2.Press and hold “Mode “ button on receiver about 10 seconds till hear the “Dingdong”sound. Then ,

the program have been successfully erased.(Transmitter can not control the receiver)

B.How to program/add doorbell :

1.Plug the receiver into the power socket and turn on power

2.Press and hold “Mode “ button on receiver about 5 seconds . Then ,Press the transmitter button twice within 10 seconds ,If the doorbell ring .It is succesfully.Programmed..(Transmitter can control the receiver)


1.Transmitter fixed by Double-sided sticker or screws

2.Receiver only need plug into the socket


If the doorbell does not ring,please repeat above steps.

For pairing multiple transmitters/receivers,please repeat the above steps.



1.Please do not open PCB or repair it without professional guide in order to avoid break down of components

2.Please make sure it is not exposed to the Sun and Rain for a long time or closed to the metallic object

3.Operating range may be affected by environmental factors and nearby interference sources

4.Proper use will prolong lifespan of wireless doorbell effectively

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yiroka is a professional wireless doorbell manufacturer in shenzhen,China. Battery free doorbell is the latest new  production with Kinetic technology. Copyright ? 2017 yiroka

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